Watering your lawn is all part of basic lawn care. But many homeowners don’t water their lawn as much as they should, simply because they don’t want to deal with a hose that constantly kinks, or the hassle that comes with having to unwind and wind up their hose. Buying the best garden hose reel can be a great solution, and one that will allow you to quickly wind up your hose when you’re done using it, hassle-free, and keep it stored neatly out of the way.

But you don’t want to end up with just any hose reel. You’ll want to ensure that you buy a hose reel that can handle the length and gauge of your garden hose. Additionally, it should make rolling up and storing your hose neatly, a cinch.  As an avid gardener, I tested out several of the best-selling models of hose reels, and I’ve narrowed it down to six great products that are durable and makes storing your hose neatly a breeze. These models are built tough so they will last season after season.

I’ve also put together an in-depth buyer’s guide that lists all the must-have features, so you’ll be sure to end up with a hose reel that is well-built, designed to last, and comes equipped with all the features you need to keep your garden hose stored neatly. Below, you’ll find a comparison chart that includes each of the model’s that made it onto my must-have list. The chart also lists many of each reel’s best features, in addition to how each model rated.

Garden Hose Reel Comparison Chart

ProductHose LengthStyleTypeRating
GARDENA Retractable Hose Reel
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115 ft.Wall-MountRetractable
Eley Wall-Mount Garden Hose Reel
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125 ft.Wall-MountManual
Liberty Garden 704 Garden Hose Reel
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125 ft.StationaryDecorative
AMES 2388340 ReelEasy Side Mount Reel
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100 ft.Wall-MountedManual
Suncast Resin Outdoor Hose Storage Reel
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225 ft.BoxHideaway
Liberty Garden 712 Garden Hose Reel
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125 ft.Wall-MountedManual

 GARDENA Retractable Hose Reel

Our Rating: (5/5)

If you’re tired of rolling up the hose using a tough crank or doing it manually, then this retractable hose reel by Gardena is right up your alley. This model features a retractable design that makes rolling up a hose a cinch. Give the hose a short tug and the lock will disengage, allowing you to pull out the hose. The reel contains an integrated steel spring that offers a powerful, even traction. The reel itself is very easy to mount using the included wall bracket. You can mount the reel to a corner, wall, or the house. The built-in compartment makes a perfect spot to store wash brushes, sprayers, and extra nozzles. The large hose box the hose is reeled into can be removed from the wall bracket and carried to the garage using the built-in handle. The hose bracket swivels one hundred and eighty degrees, which prevents any kinks in the hose as you water. The hose box can be folded into the wall to save on space.


  • Removable hose box
  • No-kink hose
  • Built-in compartment to store hose accessories
  • Carry handle
  • Retractable hose included


  • Hose can still kink despite no-kink design


This package comes with everything you need including a nozzle, hose, hose box, and wall bracket. The included hose features a kink-free design, however, many users found that the hose kinked just as much as a standard hose. The retractable design eliminates time wasted manually rolling a hose by hand or crank. The box features a durable design that will protect the hose from damage caused by the elements, including harmful UV rays. The hose box can be taken down from the wall bracket and stored away during the winter, if preferred. As you can see, this package has it all and it’s available at a price that’s reasonable.

Eley Wall-Mount Garden Hose Reel


Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This wall-mounted hose reel is made out of lightweight aluminum, which is naturally rust-resistant and durable. This model can be mounted for either perpendicular or parallel use. It’s also covered by a ten-year warranty and features a max hose capacity of one hundred and twenty-five feet. It comes with a polyurethane inlet hose that measures in at six feet. The powder coating ensures the reel’s durability by preventing rust and corrosion and features a beautiful bronze hue that’s sure to complement any yard or garden. This model is commercial-grade quality, which makes it a great choice for business or home use.


  • Ten-year product warranty
  • Comes with a six-foot inlet hose
  • Wall-mounted design
  • Rugged


  • Not portable


If you’re looking for a highly portable reel, then this wall-mounted model isn’t it. However, the wall-mounted design allows you to securely hang your hose in a highly accessible area. The reel itself is built tough. Because it’s made out of lightweight, durable aluminum, you won’t have to worry about corrosion. Additionally, the powder coating further ensures this model is built to last and able to withstand inclement weather.

Liberty Garden 704 Garden Hose Reel

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This is a beautiful, eye-catching decorative hose reel that is made out of cast aluminum, for increased durability. The reel can accommodate a hose that’s one hundred and twenty-five feet in length, and approximately 5/8 of an inch thick. The cast aluminum design features an aluminum and brass plumbing fixture with a powder coating finish that further improves the reel’s durability. The large crank makes it easy to rewind your hose or pull the hose free from the reel. The reel itself comes fully assembled, which will be a huge plus for any buyer.


  • Made out of cast aluminum
  • Powder coating finish
  • Durable
  • Brass and cast-iron aluminum design
  • Includes a shelf


  • Mounting hardware not included


This model is easy to use, features a durable design, and comes with a shelf that you can use to store hose attachments and gardening equipment. This reel works as both a stationary and wall-mounted reel, however, mounting hardware is not included. This is a beautifully designed reel that will look perfect in an English garden, or any colorful setting, and will allow you to neatly and securely store your hose, while keeping it readily accessible.

AMES 2388340 Reel Easy Reel

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This reel by Ames has earned a reputation for ease of use and durability. It comes equipped with an integrated hose guide that aligns the hose with the reel itself, making winding up the hose a cinch. The reel can accommodate a hose that’s 5/8 of an inch thick and up to one hundred feet in length. A leader hose is included in this package. The included clip provides a more convenient place to store the hose, while the reel itself comes fully assembled and features an easy mount design.


  • Leader hose included
  • Easy to use
  • Built-in hose guide
  • Affordable


  • Leader hose is flimsy


This is a side-mounted style reel that will easily mount to a wall and keeps a hose securely in place until you’re ready to use it. The handle features an easy spin grip that makes the winding process more comfortable. Additionally, the reel’s neutral coloring will allow it to nicely blend with any existing garden décor. This model is a great buy if you’re looking for a simple, durable reel, that’s easy to use.

Suncast Resin Hose Storage Reel

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This hideaway storage hose reel is built tough and designed to remain outdoors year-round. The included hose guide makes unwinding and winding your hose simple and fast, as does the kink-free design. The large crank handle also makes winding up the hose easy. The box has a tough, reinforced seal that will ensure a water-tight connection between the hose and the reel. The reel design allows you to swivel the base three hundred and sixty degrees. With a hose capacity of two hundred and twenty-five feet, this reel offers one of the highest capacities of any model on my list.


  • Kink-free design
  • Water-tight seals
  • Hose guide
  • Large crank handle


  • Poor quality lead hose attachment


This hideaway reel storage box allows you to leave your hose out year-round without the fear of damage, thanks to the water-tight seals and durable design of the box. The swivel base makes it easy to reach all the areas in your yard, while the high hose capacity length is perfect for the buyer with a larger yard. Durable, tough, and perfect for buyer’s looking for a reel that can be left out year-round, this hideaway reel is a steal for the price.

Liberty Garden Garden Hose Reel

Our Rating: (4/5)

This reel has a hose capacity of one-hundred and twenty-five feet and can handle a hose that’s 5/8 of an inch thick. The reel is made out of eighteen-gauge steel and features a bronze powder coated finish that prevents rust and corrosion. The pull-up knob provides the reel with a three-hundred- and sixty-degree rotation design that allows you to wind and unwind the hose with no hassle. It’s also equipped with a built-in storage tray that you can use to store all of your hose accessories, such as extra nozzles. The reel arrives fully assembled but does not come with any mounting hardware.


  • Powder coating prevents rust and corrosion
  • Decent hose length capacity
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Built-in storage tray


  • Does not include mounting hardware


This modern looking hose reel is fairly basic in design. It does feature a built-in storage tray, which allows you to keep all your hose attachments on hand, but as far as making it easier to wind or unwind the hose, the built-in crank offers a fair performance. The fact that it doesn’t include any mounting hardware will be a drawback for some potential buyers. Overall, if you’re looking for a durable reel that you can leave out in the garden year-round, this model is a great buy, but it’s not a reel that comes with any bells and whistles that some gardeners might be looking for.

Garden Hose Reel Buyer’s Guide

Garden hose reels can be a great, affordable, and effective way to keep your hose contained and readily accessible. Reels designed for garden hoses consist of a cylindrical reel that’s made out of fiberglass, plastic, or metal. These Reels are used to dispense and keep a hose conveniently rolled up. There are many different styles of reels to choose from including manual, automatic, and electric.

These devices are typically categorized by length and the diameter of the hose they’re compatible with, the type of operation they’re designed for, and the working pressure of the fluid. These reels are usually mounted on walls, or they’ll have a stationary base.

These days, hose reels are now made out of a wide variety of technologically advanced and traditional materials. With so many options available, narrowing down your choice and finding a reel that’s designed to last can be a real chore. Some gardeners don’t use hose reels, thinking they’re more trouble than they’re worth. But if you find the right model, you’ll quickly realize that one of these devices can actually save you plenty of time that you would normally spend manually rolling up your hose. In fact, there are many benefits to owning a reel, which I’ll go over below.

Benefits of Garden Hose Reels

  • Using a hose reel comes with many benefits. Not only does using one of these reels provide you with a simple method of storing your hose neatly, but it also protects it from harmful UV rays, damage inflicted by pets, and any other sources that can potentially damage your hose.
  • Using a reel can significantly extend the life of your hose. Many people use their hoses daily or weekly during the spring and summer months. Hoses are used to water plants, wash cars, or even to wash mud and debris off the house. Because you rely on your hose so much during this time of year you’ll want to protect it from damage, while keeping it highly accessible.
  • Using a reel will prevent the hose from splitting and cracking caused by lying out in high temperatures.
  • A hose can be a serious trip hazard. Using a hose reel is an easy and fast solution to keeping you and your family members safe. Additionally, it also keeps flowers and plants safe for being destroyed due to a wayward hose that was left running.
  • A reel can also keep your garden or lawn looking neat and tidy. Using one can help to cut down on the clutter, instead of having a loose hose laying around, or one that has been rolled up in a sloppy pile.

Now that you know more about the benefits of using a reel, let’s learn more about the different styles available and the features these handy devices have to offer.

Different Types of Garden Hose Reels

Water sprinkler hose

Hose reel design has evolved over the years. In fact, these days there are many different types and styles to choose from.


Stationary reels are the most commonly used type. This type of reel will rely on the user winding the house manually via the winding mechanism that will roll the hose using it crank. This style is usually available in metal or plastic.


Portable models also work via a manual crank that will wind the hose up onto the reel. These models usually come with four wheels, so you can take it from one spot in the yard to the next. This type of reel is perfect if you have multiple gardens or a larger property.


Similar to portable reels, a cart reel can be moved from one area of the yard to the next, easily. However, this type of reel features storage shelves that you can utilize to store your gardening supplies and hose attachments.


These reels can be found in both stationary and portable styles. This type of reel conceals a hose away from public view, usually relying on a type of box design. These models usually come equipped with a hand crank that you’ll use to wind the hose onto the reel.


These models are often visually pleasing and will complement your garden or lawn. This type doesn’t detract from your yard, garden, or flowers; it’s meant to be decorative. You can find both portable or wall-mounted models available and can choose one based on space and preference.

Other Important Features

Aside from style, there are other features that you’ll want to pay close attention to before you buy. This can include the size, length, and overall durability of the reel. Below, I’ll go over these other important features so you can determine which type and style will suit your yard and gardening needs, and a model that can help make lawn maintenance a little easier.


You can easily determine the length of the hose you need by measuring your yard, garden, or property. Once you know the rough diameter of the area that will require a hose, you can then find a reel that will accommodate the size. Some reels will also come equipped with a hose, so keep this in mind when you’re shopping around.


Many reels and hoses will come with couplings.  A coupling is a piece on the end of a hose that allows you to attach a sprinkler, nozzle, or spigot. Some models will use a metal coupling, while others will use plastic. Couplings that are made out of plastic are more prone to breaking, cracking, and leaking. Additionally, they can also be difficult to tighten properly. Compared to metal couplings, plastic couplings have a much shorter lifespan.


If you have more than one garden hose or you have a large property, then your best bet is purchasing a hose reel that’s portable. Stationary or wall-mounted models may not be the best choice for larger yards. This is because hoses can only extend to a specific length. Portable models can make watering flowers, plants, and your lawn less physically demanding and faster and easier.



A retractable reel can be extremely helpful if mobility issues are a concern. With a single push of a button or by stepping on a pedal, retractable models will wind the hose up automatically and neatly. If you have a heavy or long expandable garden hose, then this can be a great option.


Depending on what you’ll be using your hose for, the construction material of the reel is definitely worthy of consideration. If your garden hose is on the larger side, and you’ll be using your reel daily, then you’ll want to make sure you purchase a hose reel that’s able to withstand heavy-duty use. These reels are available in a variety of materials.


Some models will come with different types of accessories. If your setup already has everything you need then you don’t have to worry about buying a reel that comes with extra features you won’t use. If you do need extra accessories, then keep an eye out for models that come with hoses, fittings, and nozzles. Buying a model that comes with accessories can save you money in the long run.

garden Hose Reel Tips

For those who have never used a hose reel before, learning how to properly place a reel and wind a hose up neatly can seem intimidating initially. But it’s actually rather simple. To use, once you have your hose attached, you’ll begin by winding the hose onto the drum of the reel in order to ensure that the hose is wound in even coils which will help to prevent your garden hose from kinking.

  • Each type of reel works slightly differently depending on the type of reel you buy. Essentially, all models are designed to keep the hose tidy and in place, so your hose is ready to use when you need it, without getting damaged or tangled from being left out.
  • Putting a hose on a reel is a very simple job. The first step is straightening the hose in order to get rid of any kinks or bends, which will make it much easier to wind up the hose. Next, you’ll attach the female end of the hose through the guide opening, threading it onto the water coupling via the inner drum of the reel. You’ll need some pliers in order to tighten it firmly, to prevent any leaks, just ensure that you’re gentle in order to avoid breakage.
  • These reels are designed to keep your garden and yard looking neat, however, they’re also designed with safety in mind. Most hoses tend to be green and will blend right in with your lawn, which can make them a hazard. Using a reel is the best way to  prevent any trip hazards in the yard.
  • When you use a hose reel, it’s much easier to identify any leaks in your hose, as opposed to leaving your hoes lying in the grass. When the hose is tightly wound up correctly, you’ll be able to easily and quickly spot any leaks, cracks, or any other type of damage to your hose, which is why it’s important that you always roll your hose up onto the reel at the end of the day.

Final Thoughts

The best garden hose reel will work for the length and size of hose you have in your yard or garden. These reels are designed to keep your yard and garden looking neat and tidy, but they can also help to prevent any accidents in the yard caused by a hose that is  lying in the grass. Additionally, they work to extend the life of your hose by preventing any cracks or tears, or damage caused by the sun.

With the right reel, you’ll find that watering the lawn or your garden is not only easier but clean-up is also significantly faster. I hope this guide has helped you find the perfect reel for your property, and a model that’s built to last and one that will compliment to your garden.