If you have the right tool, then keeping your bushes and hedges neatly trimmed will be a chore you no longer dread. If you don’t want to manually trim your hedges, then the best gas hedge trimmer can get the job done, with minimal effort on your part.

With the right trimmer, a model that’s powerful and efficient, you can get your hedges and bushes trimmed in a fraction of the time it would take if you were using a pair of standard hedge clippers. But finding the right model, one that’s powerful and dependable, is no easy task.

I’ve scoured the market, searching for the most versatile, powerful trimmers I could find. I reviewed several best-selling models and narrowed it down to the seven best trimmers on the market.

I looked for lightweight trimmers that are packing serious power and come equipped with the type of features that most homeowners are looking for.

Below, you’ll find a comparison chart that lists many of the trimmer’s top features, so you can compare each model and determine which one will work the best based on the type of hedges and bushes you have in your yard, and your budget.

Gas Hedge Trimmer Comparison Chart

ProductMotor TypeRotating HeadWeightRating
Poulan Pro PR2322 Trimmer

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2-StrokeYes11 lbs
Husqvarna 122HD60 Trimmer

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2-StrokeNo16 lbs
Tanaka TCH22EBP2 Trimmer

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2-StrokeNo10 lbs
Echo HC-152 Gas Trimmer

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2-StrokeNo11.8 lbs
Husqvarna 122HD45 Trimmer

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2-StrokeNo12.5 lbs

Poulan Pro PR2322 Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmer

Our Rating: (5/5)

This model by Poulan Pro features a twenty-three CC two-cycle engine that offers a max cutting performance. The dual-action, durable stainless steel blades can cut limbs up to twenty-two inches wide and up to one inch in diameter. The comfortable grip and rotating handle features advanced anti-vibration technology, for reduced user fatigue and improved comfort. Compared to many competing models, this is one of the lighter gas-powered trimmers on the market, weighing in at just eleven pounds. The trimmer’s rotating head allows for more precise and controlled cutting at any orientation or angle. The rear handle features a thick comfort grip that promotes user comfort. The dual-sided blade is serrated on both sides, for ultimate cutting power, so it can be used for even the thickest hedges on your property.


  • Lightweight
  • Dual-sided blade
  • Thick comfortable grip
  • Anti-vibration technology


  • Two-stroke engine
  • High maintenance


This powerful model features a two-stroke engine, which can make it more high maintenance in comparison to four-stroke engines, but it can still provide the type of power you’re looking for, especially if you’ve slacked on upkeep and have plenty of overgrown hedges to contend with. The lightweight design will allow you to use the trimmer for a longer period of time, while the thick comfort handle also does wonders to minimize user fatigue.

Husqvarna 122HD60 Hedge Trimmer

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The Husqvarna 122HD60 is one of the easiest to use on the market, so it’s a great choice for beginners. The Smart Start engine and starter allow you to start the trimmer up quickly using minimal effort. Additionally, the carburetor air purge system works to remove air from the fuel system and carburetor for easy start-up. When the trimmer is shut off the stop switch will return to the start position automatically. The trimmer’s rear handle is highly adjustable and designed to cut the tops and sides of hedges. The anti-vibration dampener will absorb vibration, which helps to minimize user fatigue. Weighing in at sixteen pounds, smaller users may find it difficult to hold and control this powerful trimmer.


  • Smart Start engine
  • Durable
  • Powerful
  • Rear handle is highly adjustable
  • Anti-vibration dampener


  • Price
  • Weighs in at sixteen pounds


This model is produced by one of the biggest power tool manufacturers in the industry, so it comes as no surprise that it earned such a high user rating. But while the performance is impressive, this model isn’t as beginner-friendly as the manufacturer claims that it is. This is a standard two-stroke engine gas-powered trimmer. The high maintenance design will require you to drain the gas and oil mixture from the tank after each use, to avoid clogs and a dip in performance. The heavy weight of the trimmer can make it difficult to hold and control for long, especially for smaller users. However, this is one powerful trimmer and one that’s perfect for both home or pro use.

Tanaka TCH22EBP2 Hedge Trimmer

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This leading model by Tanaka is a two-stroke hedge trimmer that offers maximum durability and reliability. The five-position rear handle is designed with maneuverability and comfort in mind. The unique forward-facing exhaust system is designed to prevent burnt hedges, offering improved user safety. The blades measure in at twenty-four inches. These reciprocating blades are built tough and can handle thicker branches, so you can rely on this hedge trimmer to slice through old and new growth. The low effort pull start and S-start technology is designed with the beginner in mind. But while the hedge trimmer is beginner-friendly, it’s definitely pro-quality all the way. The powerful 21.1 CC engine is designed to power through overgrown hedges, effortlessly. This hedge trimmer only weighs ten pounds, which is pretty impressive for a gas-powered model. The S-start, combined with the purge bulb, provides a simple and fast start-up that’s designed to minimize the amount of force that you need to use to fire up the hedge trimmers, by as much as fifty percent. If you need more proof that this model is designed to last, the manufacturer also provides a two-year commercial warranty, in addition to a seven-year consumer warranty.


  • Five-position rear handle
  • S-start technology
  • Lightweight design
  • Two-year commercial warranty, seven-year consumer warranty
  • Twenty-four-inch powerful reciprocating blade


  • Not fuel-efficient


This model can withstand heavy-duty, regular use, and is designed for both home and commercial use. The lightweight design promotes longer use and easier handling. The S-start technology and purge bulb work together to make powering up this hedge trimmer a breeze. The durable design and tough dual-reciprocating blades will allow you to power through new and old growth, using minimal effort. There have been some reports that this model isn’t very fuel-efficient and tends to use more gas than your average hedge trimmers, although for some, the fact that it’s so powerful and makes beautiful cuts may be enough to ignore the fact that it’s a gas hog.

Echo HC-152 Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This is a pro-quality 21.1 CC two-stroke hedge trimmer that comes equipped with a commercial quality heavy-duty air filtration system, for cleaner emissions, and a large rear handle that’s designed to improve user control and comfort. The air filter cover is tool-less for faster, easier access. The double-sided reciprocating blades are laser cut and precision ground, so they will hold an edge much longer than the average hedge trimmer blades. The front handle is comfortable and features an ergonomic design that will allow you to use the trimmer for a longer period of time, in total comfort. The front handle also comes equipped with a safety guard, which will prevent injuries to the hands caused by flying debris. The support bar is rigid and designed to promote cutting precision and accuracy. This model comes with a two-year commercial warranty and a five-year consumer warranty.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Safety guard
  • Powerful motor
  • Support bar
  • Five-year consumer warranty and two-year commercial warranty
  • Tool-less filter access


  • Gearbox is not covered by the warranty
  • Price


As you can see, this model comes with plenty of bells and whistles. It’s a pro-quality trimmer, but it’s also perfect for the homeowner in need of a reliable, powerful model that can handle thicker branches and old growth, with minimal effort. For some, the price may be a little steep, but if you’re looking for a pro-quality style hedge trimmer, one that you can use daily, then this model is definitely worth every penny. Of course, for smaller properties, this powerful hedge trimmer may seem like overkill, but the fact that it can make short work of even overgrown hedges and bushes and save you plenty of time in the yard is enough incentive for most gardeners and homeowners to hit that buy now button.

Husqvarna 966532302 122HD45 Gas Hedge Trimmer

Our Rating: (4/5)  

This is an eighteen-inch gas-powdered hedge trimmer that’s able to cut through hedges and twigs that are up to 4/5 inches thick. The 21.7 7 CC two-stroke engine provides more than enough power to get even the toughest job done. It also offers a lightweight design, coming in at just over ten pounds. The lightweight design will give you more control as you cut while allowing you to use this tool longer. The low-noise engine design minimizes noise pollution, so you can use this model earlier in the morning, without disturbing the neighbors or your family. The anti-vibration technology used can minimize the stress that’s placed on the hands and arm, for more comfortable use. The eighteen-inch stainless steel dual-action blades will cut in either direction, for improved cutting efficiency. This model may be pro-quality, but it’s also very easy to use and perfect for the homeowner in search of a simple, powerful hedge trimmer that can easily whip overgrown hedges into shape. The Smart Start technology provides a faster start-up time, requiring minimal effort.


  • Lightweight design
  • Smart Start technology
  • Eighteen-inch blade design
  • Anti-vibration technology
  • Low-noise engine
  • Low price


  • High maintenance
  • Fuel line issue


This compact, lightweight hedge trimmer is powerful, comes equipped with some great features that make it perfect for beginners, such as the Smart Start technology, built-in vibration dampeners, which promote user comfort, and eighteen-inch blades that are designed to cut through anything. But is it really pro-quality? The manufacturer has admitted there’s a common issue with the trimmer’s fuel lines, which tend to clog easily and may start to dissolve after a year of use. Fortunately, this issue is covered by the included warranty, but for some, dealing with this possible issue isn’t worth the price. In most cases, draining the fuel tank after each use can help to minimize the chances you’ll run into this issue.

Gas Hedge Trimmer Buyer’s Guide

The gas-powered trimmer is the best option for most homeowners and gardeners who are in need of a trimmer that’s more powerful. Gas trimmers are much more powerful compared to corded and battery-powered trimmers. They can easily and effortlessly cut through branches much faster than the other two alternatives. Unlike a corded model, you won’t have to worry about using an extension cord, which you can easily cut through or get tangled up in. With a battery-powered model, you have to deal with a battery that drains quickly and will die on you before you get the job done.

However, there are some disadvantages that come with this option. Gas-powered models tend to be noisier, heavier, and aren’t as comfortable to use. This is because the engine causes greater vibration compared to battery-powered and corded models.


Some low-priced models will come equipped with a two-stroke engine, which means you’ll need to mix oil and fuel in the correct quantities in order for the saw to function. A higher-priced model will come equipped with a four-stroke engine, which will only require gas and will have a separate oil reservoir.

Standard Design

There are a couple of design options to choose from when you’re shopping for gas-powered trimmers. You have the conventional trimmers, which are designed to provide close cutting action and will work on hedges of all thickness levels, then you have long reach trimmers, which are specifically designed to reach those taller hedges you have in your yard. I’ve found that conventional trimmers are the best option for beginners and homeowners, since they’re more versatile, easier to use, and you’ll have more control over exactly where the blade goes. There are many pros and cons that come with this design option, but if you have taller hedges, you can easily use scaffolding or a ladder to reach them and still enjoy more precise cutting action. Conventional trimmers are often also more affordable compared to long reach and they’re a great option if you have a lot of hedges of varying heights, or for those who take pride in trying out interesting and complex ways to shape and trim their hedges.

Long Reach

Close up

A long reach style trimmer is used to cut higher hedges, without the use of scaffolding or a ladder. This type of trimmer is considered a much safer option since your feet will remain firmly on the ground. If some of your hedges aren’t within easy reach, then this will be the safest option. This type of trimmer can reach up to twelve feet high. Most models will come with an extendable shaft, so you can set the height to the perfect level.

A trimmer that comes equipped with a rotating head can cut horizontally or vertically and will be even handier to use with a long-reach style model. But these trimmers can also be pretty heavy. This excess weight can easily lead to user fatigue much sooner than a conventional trimmer since the weight is essentially concentrated at the end of the trimmer’s shaft. These trimmers are also more difficult to maneuver compared to a conventional trimmer, so it’s not easy to always see what you’re cutting. If the hedge you’re trimming is too wide or high, then I recommend investing in a conventional trimmer and a ladder platform.


Usually, the longer the blade, the faster the trimmer can cut. However, a longer blade also equals a heavier trimmer, which can lead to user fatigue. Longer blades can also be unwieldy if you have a complex shape to cut or a smaller hedge.

Most trimmers will feature a double-sided blade, this will add plenty of versatility to the trimmer, allowing you to use it for intricate work such as shaping. These blades will make the trimmer slightly heavier compared to a single-sided blade.


A dual-action blade should not be confused with a dual-sided blade. These blades will minimize vibration, but they’re slightly heavier compared to dual-sided blades and often cost more than single action blades. A single-action blade will have one moving blade as well as a stationary blade, while the dual-action blade features two moving blades that work by cutting against each other in the opposite direction.

​Ease of Use

The balance, handles, and vibration, is the three biggest factors that will impact user comfort. Look for a model that comes equipped with a couple of handles and multiple power switches, which will allow you to increase or decrease the power based on application.


The average cordless or electric hedge trimmer produces noise that’s around ninety decibels. The gas-powered hedge trimmer will produce noise at ninety-nine to one hundred and three decibels. So, as you can see, gas-powered models are significantly louder. This can limit you in terms of when you can use your trimmer since the noise can be disruptive to your family and the neighbors.

​Rotating Head Design

Many models now come with a rotating head. This head allows the user to hold the trimmer in the regular position while they cut vertically or horizontally. This can do wonders in terms of reducing user fatigue and is also a much safer option, especially for beginners.

Hand Guards


A hand guard is a great safety feature and one that’s designed to protect the user from flying debris that can shoot right back at them as the fast-moving blades make short work of even the thickest hedges.

Dual Switch

This safety feature does an excellent job of minimizing the chances of the trimmer accidentally getting turned on. The design is fairly simple. To start the trimmer the user will need to use both of their hands in order to engage the power button.


Some models will also come with a brake, which will stop the blades once the trimmer is switched off. This feature helps to reduce the chances of an injury and can almost instantly stop the blades in their tracks.

Lock-On Switch

If you prefer to trim all of your hedges in one session, then this feature can work to reduce user fatigue. However, if safety is a concern because of the family dog or children playing nearby, then you’ll want to go with a switch that requires continuous pressure in order to operate.

Lightweight Design

With a gas-powered model, you’re not going to be using one of the lightest models on the market. This is definitely something you should take into consideration, especially if you have back problems. The hefty weight of one of these trimmers can make it difficult to use for more than half an hour. But if you have a smaller yard, then this probably won’t even be an issue.

If you want to learn how to trim, prune, and shape your shrubs and bushes, click here…


A hedge trimmer is specifically designed to cut and trim hedges. They do a great job when it comes to helping landscapers transform the shape of a hedge into something complex and intriguing. There are many models of trimmers to choose from, but many pros agree that gas-powered models are the best option since they offer the most power.

  • Before you take your new trimmers for a spin, make sure that you evaluate the hedge’s shape before you get started. A hedge should slope inwards at the top, which will ensure that its base has enough growth to support more height.
  • Before you start, you should also prepare the groundwork. This can mean laying down a tarp in order to protect the ground and to catch all of the trimmings, which will make cleanup a cinch.
  • Before use, the trimmer should also be lubricated. Similar to scissors, a trimmer works by the blade’s close action. Because of this, you should lubricate the blades prior to use. You can use spray oil and grease the blades from the top to the bottom on each side. For this job, make sure you’re wearing the proper safety gear.
  • During use, you want to hold the blade away from you, even when the trimmer is not turned on.
  • When cutting, use steady, slow movements around the hedge. Begin from the bottom, working your way up. Never attempt to push through any hedges, since this can either injure you or damage the trimmers.
  • If you want to trim new growth, use a straight motion to go smoothly over the hedge. If you’re dealing with older and thicker growth, you should try using a sawing action in order to cut through these branches.
  • Make sure you give this tool a break periodically. Doing so can help to prevent the motor from overheating.
  • These basic tips will come in handy when you’re using your new trimmer, just keep in mind that gas-powered models are very heavy and powerful, so they’re not the most beginner-friendly option. But if you have plenty of hedges and bushes on your property, and many of which are overgrown, then you need a more powerful trimmer and one that’s designed to handle the job.
  • Gas-powered trimmers will require the most maintenance and are considered the most powerful option. Before use, you’ll need to read the users-manual from cover to cover to determine what type of gas and oil mixture is needed, whether it requires a specific type of fuel, or if it only needs gas to fuel it.

The freshness of the fuel is one thing that you’ll want to consider. Never allow gas to sit in a trimmer’s fuel tank. It’s always a better idea to drain the tank once you’re done for the day since leaving the gas can create layers of old gas and oil, which can spoil and then clog the machine.

For more lawn maintenance tips head over to my full article on the topic!

Final Thoughts

The best gas hedge trimmers are built tough, designed to cut through thicker hedges, and can help you to get the job done in a fraction of the time. Many of the leading models earned top marks for their efficient, powerful performance. Since you’re in need of a more powerful option in order to care for the hedges on your property, make sure the model you do choose is up to the task. While most gas-powered models are considered high maintenance, it’s important that you choose one that’s beginner-friendly, especially if this is your first gas-powered model.

This buyer’s guide and the product recommendations that I’ve included here can set you on a path to find the perfect model, one that comes loaded with all the features you need, the type of power and cutting action you’re looking for, and at a price that will work for your budget. I’m confident that you can find the right model in my top six lineup and order a new gas-powered trimmer that can make short work of even the biggest hedges in your yard.